FEED AT KW 121015

Thursday, December 10th, 2015
Kunstwerke, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin
Doors: 19h, Concert: 20h, Tickets: 10€
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FEED Frequencies December Edition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. The 2015 Program draws to an extra special close with two exclusive ambient & drone performances from Scott Monteith, stage name Deadbeat, and the elusive Prequel Tapes before a limited audience.

"Lights for Lele"

Ambient & Drone | 40min

Scott Monteith is a musician, sound artist and music technology educator best known for his work under the stage name Deadbeat. Ever since launching his production career at the turn of the century, the dub techno auteur has been nothing if not deeply prolific. The Canadian-born, Berlin-based producer's ten Deadbeat albums and nearly two-dozen singles represent one of most prolific and consistently rewarding catalogues in 21st century electronic-music canon.

In celebration of the release of his new album Walls and Dimensions, Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat presents a special version of the album's closing track, “Lights for Lele” for the FEED Frequencies program, Thursday, December 10th at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Dedicated to the memory of his late father in law, the expansive ambient piece is a meditation on personal loss and the importance of dedicated time for grief and reflection in our increasingly chaotic modern lives and constant emotional distraction. For the concert Scott will be joined by fellow Berlin based artist Prequel Tapes.

“Walls and Dimensions gathers a dusty drone storm and unleashes it with grace over huge filter sweeps and sparse soundscapes – gorgeous pieces of abstraction.” Walls & Dimensions I Review, juno.co.uk



Inner Systems

Ambient & Drone | 40min

For Prequel Tapes, a fascination with Clock DVA became an obsession with techno. KLF. Future Sound of London. Shaped by traces of melancholy, his music made momentary shifts to ecstasy. Over time, Prequel Tapes left a basement studio to share his compositions with others. He ultimately found himself in urban surroundings where life and music quickened. It wasn't long before this pace influenced his sound through collaborations and exposure to new technologies.

Over time, Prequel Tapes began to see what was once a personal practice grow increasingly public. Using call and response techniques he instigated a communal effort, drawing in audiences through the abstract numbers audible in his music. Today we find him with a sharpened technique. The result of time spent in a studio to create a greater purpose than himself alone.

“Ebbing between those two poles with a steady, assured focus in each dynamic swing...Inner Systems is an unpredictable listen, but one that always earns its unexpected turns...Immersive and beautiful." - Inner Systems Album Review, factmag.com

Prequel Tapes performance is crafted not only from his history but from a rediscovered archive of DAT tapes, and VHS footage. He includes items which he has carried throughout his travels. Still, the performance is far from a nostalgic exercise, but rather the reclamation of an original impulse. On December 10th, an audience will experience a reminder of the music he always wanted to make. Reorienting himself with analog machines and obsolete formats, and the countless hours spent creating sound for others to hear.


FEED Frequencies 121015 is presented in collaboration with: KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Tailored Communication

Scott Monteith

Prequel Tapes

121015 Image Courtesy:
Michael Tan