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Thursday January 22nd, 2015
Kunstwerke, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin
Doors: 19h, Concert: 20h, Tickets: 10€
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The Unintentional Sea

Rafael Anton Irisarri is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, electronic music producer, interdisciplinary artist and curator. Predominantly associated with ambient, drone, post-minimalist, and modern classical music, Irisarri recorded output captures an essential vision of floating tones, deep pulsing bass and textural electronics. His use of ostinato phrases taps into minimalist ideals while atmospheric layers of effects suggests a more cinematic quality in his productions. In all, Irisarri compositions are deeply emotive and epic to the point of being symphonic.

"Irisarri uses his guitar as a strings-like symphonic element to generate atmospheric masses‚ like an ambient symphony recording that been rescued from attic entombment after half a century." Textura (CA)

Irisarri curates advanced sound and interdisciplinary events in his hometown of Seattle, thus helping create a hub for contemporary art proposals in the city. In 2011, he started the Substrata Festival, a four-day intimate event focusing on varying perspectives of scale though the use of sound, composition and visuals - an international showcase featuring accomplished artists working in the cutting edge where structural abstraction meets physical dynamics.

Out Now:
Rafael Anton Irisarri - The Unintentional Sea (ROOM40, Australia - RM455)
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Rolling to the horizon of a place that barely sees the light of day, the work of Svarte Greiner seeps into the farthest depths of a listening experience. With a combination of field recordings and computer generated sounds, Greiner turns through the pages of a haunting tale, each chapter of his musical story equally captivating as the next. It is a sound that reveals influences of his roots in Norway and the occasional glimpse of his work as one half of Deaf Center. Stepping in from the shadows, Svarte Greiner is the welcome push for a gentle descent into an ever-darkening and gorgeous reserve of sound.

Svarte Greiner is a dark ambient project by Erik K Skodvin (full name, Erik Knive Skodvin), half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center, formed in 2005 in Oslo, Norway. Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He labels his music as “acoustic doom”. He utilizes both field recordings and computer generated sounds when producing his music. The debut album, Knive, was released in 2006. His second album, Kappe, in 2009. Svarte Greiner is a founder of Miasmah Recordings.

“It’s exceptional deep and requires serious head space for full appreciation.” Inverted Audio

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The music of The Sight Below conjures half-remembered dreams and soft-focus sentiments with elegiac beauty; like blurred snippets of film recognizable only as organic objects: black-and-white amoebas milling about, or a sunset rendered in grayscale. The resulting textured Gaussian curves are pinned to deep, propulsive bass tones and achingly subtle electronics. These guide the listener across the gloom and towards the music’s hopeful center. The results seem as effortless as natural phenomena; in fact, they’re carefully played, head-nodding hymns to the artist’s secluded life.

Glider (and its accompanying No Place for Us EP), released on Ghostly International in Autumn 2008, introduced a dark ambient techno aesthetic equally inspired by shoegaze, David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” and Wolfgang Voigt’s minimalistic rhythms. The album combined layer upon layer of processed guitars and electronics with muffled percussion and bass pulses, all improvised and recorded live. These works were described by All Music Guide as “impeccably made ambient thump-and-drone”, while Pitchfork Media praised them as “a beautifully bleak cloud of sound.”

“It is a beautiful storm that breaks with choirs of benevolent ghosts singing - before slowly setting the audience back on the ground, surprisingly better rested, more contemplative, and satisfied than before… leaving the silence he induced, in absolute applause.” KEXP Seattle, 01.10.2013


012215 Cover Image Courtesy of Michael Tan